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Welcome to Swiftly Delivers, Inc.!

Swiftly Delivers, Inc. is a local marketing service that coordinates delivery with business partners and driver partners to service you at home or work. We deliver right to your door and on your schedule. With realtime in-app tracking and superior communication your experience with Swiftly will supersede that of any other delivery service. When you need delivery done right, Swiftly Delivers.

Swiftly was founded in June 2020. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic from COVID-19 our mission was simple - helping others in such a difficult time. We started our services in Fishers, IN and decided to move our service to Central Illinois in Januaray 2021. July 1, 2021 Swiftly officially became structured as a company reffered to as Swiftly Delivers, Inc. opposed to a sole proprietorship.
 We were able to bring delivery to small towns were delivery was never an option!  

We had to make this service different than our competition in order to help out the community. We charge our business partners much less commission than our competitors. Many people don't know but the big guys charge restaurants up to 30% of the total sale. Placing orders with these big delivery companys do not profit the local owners as much as they should. We only request 10% of the total sale. 

We also market on behalf of our business 
partners. We provide customized flyers as well as display our business partners on our homepage. There are also other paid marketing avenues that we use. We have incorporated some of our business partners on billboards as well as paid online marketing and direct mailers (EDDM).  

Another way we provide support to the community is through errand/courrier delivery. With this service we can deliver groceries, perscriptions, dry cleaning, run to the post office, or any other errand you can think of. This helps with those who have busy schedules, kids or maybe cannot get around very well. Any delivery or errand you can think of we will take care of for you. Specifically marketed to the senior community who may need extra assistance getting tasks completed. We offer this service at a low flat rate.  

We are always looking to add great local restaurants
 to our platform. If you have a recommendation, please contact us

Meet Our Team

Gage Peters, Owner
Molly Ellis, Admin Assistant
Montré Smith, Operations Manager

Service Hours

Orders can be placed up to 15 minutes prior to close. This allows restaurants and drivers to complete deliveries prior to closing time.

Mon - Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 7pm 


Mon - Fri: 11am - 2pm

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