Become A Driver Partner

What is Swiftly Delivers?

Swiftly is a premium delivery service that coordinates delivery with businesses and driver partners. We deliver right to customer's door or workplace and on their schedule. We would love to have you apart of this movement and look forward to you receiving orders shortly after we receive your application.

We are looking for great talented drivers, like you, to partner with to deliver goods to customers. You will be an independent contractor and we ask that you have your own transportation and you can provide excellent customers service. Exactly how does it work you ask..? It’s simple, we market to gain potential customers. Orders come through our platform and we connect you to those deliveries and now they are your customer!

As a Driver Partner, you can be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when and how much you earn. All that is needed is transportation and a smartphone with a data plan to start making money. It’s that quick and easy.

Why deliver with Swiftly?

    The more deliveries you accept - The more deliveries you will receive.

    Easy to get started. Don't worry about having a certain car or any inspections. Submit an application below and we will reach out. 

    Know how much you will make on each delivery. Know your tip and commision prior to accepting order. Ask about our $10/hr Guarantee.

    Don't worry about orders with no tip. We require all customers to leave a tip. 20% is industry standard.

Sign up Details


  • 18 or older
  • Car with insurance coverage
  • Smartphone with data plan
  • Valid driver's license
  • Social security number
  • Background check
  • Good driving record for the past year

How to sign up

  • Select your location
  • Fill out application
  • We will reach out for next steps
  • Receive your SmartCard to pay for orders
  • Starting driving and earning!


Once we have received your Driver Partner application we will communicate via email regarding your next steps. Keep an eye out for this communication from us. Once you have completed your tasks and received your SmartCard in the mail you will be able to start delivering ASAP. We can get you on the road in 5-7 days.

You will need a smartphone with a data plan, a car with insurance coverage, social security number and an active drivers license. We will also request for debit card information to be able to pay you for your earnings.

Delivering is simple. Simple check in on your app and you will start to receive orders as they come in. Accept the orders as they come in and follow the in-app instructions. Some orders you may have to call in and place the order. Others you may place at the restaurant. Most partnered restaurants will have tablets that will automatically send orders to the restaurant. With these restaurants just head there to pick up order then delivery the order.

We supply all drivers with a SmartCard that you will use to pay for the orders when you pick them up. This card will know how much the order total should be and will load that amount to the card. Once your delivery is completed the card balance will go back to zero until another order is accepted.

Each order will have a different commission. This will be based on many things such as distance and effort needed to execute the order. This amount will be displayed in the app when accepting the order. You will earn a percentage of the delivery fee paid by the customer (also known as your commission) as well as 100% of the tips associated with the order.

The more orders that drivers accept the more orders that will be sent to that driver. After certain thresholds are met we increase the percentage of orders that the driver will receive. Which means the more orders accepted the more orders that will be sent. If you refuse orders the percentages of orders you receive will not increase which means you would miss out on the opportunity to gain more commission and tips as most orders will be sent to other drivers with a higher order acceptance rate.

How it works

Check In

Check into our app to start receiving orders.

Accept Order

Once an order is assigned to you click "accept" to start delivery.

Pick Up/Drop Off

In-app instructions will guide you from picking up the order to delivering it to the customer.

Get Paid

Track your earnings in-app. We’ll process payroll every Monday.



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