Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering with us is fast and easy. Simply order what you would like on our website or mobile app, choose when you would like it, and our partnered drivers will bring it to your home or office! We partner with the friendliness drivers who are conscientious and your food will be securely kept in a thermal bag where it will remain hot and fresh until our partnered driver delivers it. We partner with only the best and brightest. Our objective is not just to be another delivery service, but the best.


Our partnered drivers can deliver your favorite restaurants right to your door in a timely manner. *Note: We don't suggest this option for workplace/lunch break delivery because, even though our driver partners strive to be prompt with their deliveries, they cannot guarantee that your delivery will be there at the beginning of your lunch break using this option; but they can with workplace delivery.

1. What is your delivery charge?
Our delivery fee starts at $3.99. The fee increases the further away your address is from the restaurant you are ordering from. This fee is NOT a tip for the driver. Addresses that are incorrect will be charged an additional FEE to compensate for any lost mileage and time. Please call as soon as possible to make changes to an incorrect address.
What other fees might I pay?
Fees vary for each restaurant on the Swiftly Delivers platform based on their partnership level. The fees help us pay Drivers, operate our Premium Swiftly Delivers platform, and provide the best service possible.
You can see the fees from the checkout screen so you’ll know what the total is for your order before paying. You’ll also receive a receipt showing a breakdown of the order subtotal, applicable taxes, fees, and gratuity.
The total cost of your order includes the price of the menu items and tax, an optional tip to the Driver, and a delivery fee and service fee depending on the restaurant. In some cases, there may be an additional fee for orders below a minimum subtotal and for orders when demand is especially high.
We're always working to make prices even lower to make Swiftly Delivers even more convenient and accessible, so check back often.

2. How do I place an order? Do you deliver to my address?
Swiftly Delivers is a marketing and technology company bringing customers and restaurants closer together. To find out if we deliver to you and to place an order from any of our listed partner & non-partner restaurants, start by putting your address into the “Enter address here” bar and clicking “find food”, then select the restaurant you would like to order from the selections that “pop” up, Click the items you want to add them to your cart and then click checkout to complete your delivery order. If the restaurant you are looking to order from or NO restaurants “pop up”, Click the Chat Now button and have one of our Local service reps double check your address for you.

3. How do I talk to someone about my order?
For urgent request please call 317-537-0300 and one of our friendly LOCAL service representatives will greet you soon. Chat service is also available on our website. For after hours help please send an email to or use the contact us page on our website or mobile app. Please allow one business day for replies via email.

4. How do the drivers get paid, does my order include a tip for the driver?
Our affiliated, self-employed independent contractor delivery professionals do work for tips! Please remember to tip your driver when prompted at check out.We do require 10% tip placed when placing the order. Additional tip can be added or given to driver as cash. The delivery fee IS NOT a tip for the driver. Drivers do however receive a portion of the delivery fee as part of their compensation package to cover expenses. Please know that our drivers only make money based on your tips and do NOT receive an hourly wage.

5. What are my payment options?
At this time our drivers do not accept cash. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

6. Why do I see an authorization charge on my credit card?
When you request a delivery, your card is immediately authorized for your order total plus a % to cover any special instructions you may have included with your order and/or additional tip you may add when the driver arrives. Once your delivery is complete, we replace the authorization with the final charge from the merchant (Swiftly Delivers). This change is typically reflected within 24 to 48 hours of the delivery, though some cards may take 3-7 business days to process the change.

7. Why didn't I receive a paper receipt with my order?
Receipts are sent electronically to the email associated with your account. To have your receipt sent to another email address, please send an email request to:

8. What if I need to make a change to my order? Can I cancel my order?
Orders cannot be changed once submitted. If you would like to cancel your order please call 317-537-0300 to request a cancelation. We may not be able to cancel your order. Once an order has been placed to a restaurant the restaurant has used materials and labor in preparation of the order. Only orders placed for a later delivery time or day can be changed or canceled.

9. My order was cancelled or I had items removed and I still see a charge on my debit or credit card?
Orders that are cancelled are immediately voided from our system, and the funds are sent back to the banking institution at midnight PST. Depending on your bank, it may take anywhere from 3-7 business days to full refund back into your account. This is strictly dependent on your bank policy, and unfortunately Swiftly Delivers cannot expedite the process.
When we tell you we will take an item off of your order the charge will stay the same on the authorization, but your final "Cleared" total will reflect the New appropriate amount.

10. Adding Extras and Substitutions May cost extra.
When we place your order on your behalf, if you make any requests that cause the price of an item to be higher, you acknowledge that the difference in price will be passed on to you and added to your order total.

11. Are some of Swiftly Delivers prices different than when I dine in at the same restaurant?
Swiftly's menus and our online ordering site is provided for your convenience. Swiftly's prices on our order site may be adjusted from the dine-in prices to supplement this service, this is not unique to Swiftly Delivers, check the prices from any other food delivery service and you will see the same from them. We at Swiftly are proud to say that our bottom line total order price on average is almost always less than the other delivery services once all of their extra fees are included.

12. I have a problem with my order, what should I do?
If there are any problems with your order, you must call us at 317-537-0300 within no more than 10 minutes after the order has been delivered. We will be glad to fix the order if it is ordered wrong by us. We will do our best to correct the order within 45 minutes. We do not guarantee the order will be fixed right away if the restaurant missed or made the order incorrectly. Please check your order and contact us within 10 mins of receiving your order to have your order corrected if there are any issues, if it is past 10 minutes we will not correct the order. If an item was missing from your delivery, we will confirm with the restaurant regarding the mistake. Once we verify with the restaurant that the problem was on their end, We will refund you the amount of the missing item. Our drivers are independent contractors and are paid by the trip, therefore a re-delivery for a restaurant error is not a typical option. We understand this can be frustrating, but please remember our role is that of the company that picks up the order you placed and brings it to you. We will not be held responsible for restaurant errors as that responsibility falls on the restaurant.
In regards to incorrectly prepared items that you choose to be re-delivered instead of refunded if we come to that agreement, you must give the driver the incorrect item. If the incorrect item is not provided or was correct after inspection, you will be charged for both items. Special requests are just that, special requests, and may not be honored when ordered in the comments section. If a restaurant does grant a special request that incurs an additional charge from the restaurant, that charge will be added to your bill. All special requests are at the discretion of the restaurant and our dispatch team. If we are unable to order your special request through the restaurant's online ordering portal the request will not be granted. And as always, please remember … Swiftly’s role is that of the company that picks up the order you placed and to brings it to you. We have no hand in preparing or packaging your order.

13. Quoted times
Our quoted times are an ESTIMATED time for delivery. When restaurants are super busy or their drive-thru line is “out to the road” we will always do our best to get your food to you as quickly as possible. All of our drivers are equipped with insulated bags to keep your food as fresh as possible from the time we pick it up from the restaurant until when it is delivered to you. Please note that unfortunately several restaurants in this service area do not keep your food in a hot staging area and instead leave finished food on a shelf waiting for the delivery company to pick up. Swiftly Delivers will not be held responsible for poor restaurant practices. 

14. Safety Protocols
Severe Weather protocols will go into effect as needed to keep our drivers safe. What this means is that Delivery times will be a suggestion. Drivers will not be held to a timetable, and each driver is to consider safety first. We will do everything we can to make deliveries as timely as safely possible.ICY or Uncleared driveways/walkways: if our drivers feel unsafe in approaching your delivery address they have been instructed to contact you and ask you to meet them. For the safety of all parties if this is necessary, please wear your mask for Covid protection. During Severe Weather Safety Protocols we may shorten our delivery hours or even our radius from 20-25 miles like usual down to 8 miles from restaurant to delivery address, and no highway runs.
Thank you for your continued understanding and support in situations that require Safety Protocols.

15. Non Partnered/Non Affiliated restaurants Third Party Authorization for Purchase and Delivery from Swiftly Delivers.
Swiftly Delivers does have non partnered restaurants listed on our website. This means these restaurants are not affiliated with Swiftly Delivers, however, we have added them as a convenient option to allow a delivery options for these locations.
Swiftly Delivers does not represent or market and is not affiliated with the restaurants labeled as non partnered in any way. We provide a delivery service only, acting as your pick up agent. By using our version of the non partnered restaurants menu & ordering online from Swiftly Delivers you are agreeing to our terms and conditions as stated in this support/FAQ document, and you authorize Swiftly Delivers to order, pay for, pick up, and deliver your order to you on your behalf.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to send us a message using our Contact Us form.