Grocery Delivery

How does grocery delivery work?

Swiftly is able to deliver your groceries that are placed online. The available stores are listed below. 

To get your groceries delivered simply follow the steps below! You will first place your grocery order through the retailers website. You must choose the "Pick Up" option. Be sure to check Swiftlys delivery scehdule to ensure that we have an open delivery spot for you before placing your order. We accept grocery delivery requests Monday through Friday from 2pm-5pm. We book one grocery delivery per hour. So availablility can be limited.  

Once you have placed your pickup order through the retailer then you can submit a delivery request in step 2 below. Don't forget to include your order confirmation from the retailer in the special instruction of your order. This helps your driver identify your order when they arrive. With any questions or concerns your driver will reach out to you. Please make sure the phone number and name on your Swiftly account match the phone number and name on your grocery order.

Monday-Friday 2pm-5pm

Step 1 - Place your grocery order at one the stores listed below and choose the pickup option.
Note: Before placing your pickup order through one of the below grocery options please make sure there is an available delivery time with Swiftly in Step 2.

Click on the store to start your order. Then come back here to scehdule your delivery with Swiftly in Step 2. 

Step 2 
- Request a grocery delivery time with Swiftly. Select a delivery time that is 1 hour after your grocery pickup time. For example, if you placed your order for pickup at 1pm then select 2pm for your delivery time. This gives us time for delays from the retailer as well as loading and unloading of your order.