Workplace Delivery

What is workplace delivery?

Workplace Delivery is a special program that Swiftly offers to businesses that provides them with low cost food delivery options. We know you get busy at the office and don't always have time to go grab food and ordering delivery can get expensive. That's why we offer workplace delivery for only $1.99! I mean who really wants to pack their lunch, that's no fun! 

Swiftly also partners with select Hotels to offer low cost delivery for those traveling. We know traveling can be expesive and stressful so let us take care of dinner. Delivered right to your hotel room. Click here for hotel delivery. 

How to place your Workplace Order?

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How do we make this happen?

    We give each workplace one restaurant to order from each day (Monday-Friday).

    Choose from 3 different lunch delivery times (11:45am, 12:45pm and 1:45pm).
Please place your orders before 10am day of delivery.

    Driver delivers multiple orders for each delivery time frame to your workplace.

    Drivers depend on your tips to keep delivery fees at a low cost. 20% is industry standard.


M-F 11am-2pm

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